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Math Placement Evaluation - Introduction


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Department of Mathematics
Tacoma, Washington 98447-003
Phone: 253/535-7400
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[Image] Pacific Lutheran University

RE: Math Placement Evaluation Survey/Exam

Dear Entering PLU Student:

To help us ensure that you will find your work at Pacific Lutheran University rewarding, we ask that you provide us with information to determine which mathematics courses will be appropriate for you as an entering student.

The information you provide consists of two parts. The first part asks about your background and plans while attending PLU. It should only take a few minutes. The second part is a standard set of mathematics problems from the high school curriculum. Together the two parts are referred to as the math placement exam. Altogether, the placement exam takes one hour.

The placement exam covers high school algebra, analytic geometry and trigonometry. You do not need to answer the questions on subjects or topics you have not studied. If desired you can review the material in previous mathematics courses before taking the exam.

You will need your PLU identification number. You will need plenty of blank scratch paper and pencil(s). You will not need a calculator.

When you are ready to take the exam, click here or the button at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, you may print the Math Placement Exam document at the following link [download PDF] (see note below). Complete the exam as prescribed, then transcribe your responses to the web page.

To ensure that your placement is as accurate as possible, please allow yourself one hour when you will be as free from interruptions as possible. Please pretend that you are taking a regular closed book exam. Do not look at the mathematics questions before you begin. Do not use a calculator or books. Do not ask anyone to explain questions you do not understand or help you work a problem. Do not guess at questions that you do not know how to work. Please remember: the only purpose of this exam is to determine the classes in which you can be successful.

When you are finished please carefully recheck to make sure you have filled in your PLU identification number at the beginning and that your answers are the ones you want. Answers to the survey and mathematics questions are initially set to "no response". If you answer a question and wish you had not, you can always reselect "no response."

It is our hope and desire that you will find your work at Pacific Lutheran University rewarding. The placement exam is part of our effort to insure that this will be the case.


Jeff Stuart
Mathematics Placement Director
Tel: +1 (253) 535-7400
E-mail: stuartjl@plu.edu
Kris Plaehn
ED Center for Student Success
Tel: +1 (253) 535-7212
E-mail: plaehnkh@plu.edu

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