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Reporting Services Access


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Information Welcome to the PLU Reporting Services Access page.


This computer system is the property of Pacific Lutheran University.  Only authorized users may access this system or use this data. Use of this system constitutes consent to federal FERPA requirements (https://www.plu.edu/registrar/ferpa/) for protection of confidential student information and to PLU’s policies regarding information security and appropriate use of computing resources (http://www.plu.edu/~comptelc/policies/home.html) Unauthorized or improper use of this system may result in administrative, civil, and/or criminal penalties.

NOTE: If you are asked to authenticate, use your PLU domain credentials. For example, enter "PLU.EDU\my_plu_domain_username" and corresponding password to authenticate with the Administrative Reporting application. If using Internet Explorer 10.0, Reporting Services is best viewed using the compatibility mode. Alt+Tools, select Compatibility View.

Stop Sorry! Off-Campus access to PLU Reporting Services is currently not allowed.

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