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Make a Payment on Behalf of Someone Else


06/19/2018 04:25 pm
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Action Alert Please visit the PLU Student Accounts web site for payment option information.

To make a payment on behalf of someone else, you must know their PLU ID and name as it appears in Banner.

Should I choose to make an Electronic Check payment:
  • I understand it is my responsibility to ensure sufficient funds are available in my bank account to cover the payment.
  • I understand if the electronic debit to my bank account has insufficient funds that it will then be handled as a returned item and a $30.00 returned item fee will be assessed for any electronic debit unpaid by the financial institution.
  • I understand it is my responsibility to inform the Business Office cashier if my bank account has closed or my account number has changed.

NOTES: Identify your method of payment on the following page by selecting "New Card" or "New Bank Account" from the Payment Method drop-down. While payments made using the "New Card" option incur a service fee, payments made using the "New Bank Account" option do not. To ensure successful processing, you must complete your transaction within 15 minutes of clicking the Submit button below.

Required indicates required field
Enter a valid student ID.
First name as it appears in Banner.
Last name as it appears in Banner.
Enter the name as it appears on your card or bank account. Note: For auditing purposes, you may be asked for this again on our payment vendor's site.
Phone number associated with your card or bank account.
Format: xxx-xxx-xxxx
If entered, a confirmation email will be sent to the address you provide with details of this transaction.
Payment amount must be greater than or equal to 1.00.
Format: #####.##
If Yes, upon successful payment, a notification message will be sent to the student's institutional email address. This message will include the confirmation number and timestamp of the transaction.
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